What our Customers say...


Customer service, ease of communication with their team and overall urgency and thoroughness! All around they’re the best! Wet carpets are overwhelming to say the least, SERVPRO takes your stress away!

SERVPRO is awesome!

Great. Crew did a very nice job and very professional.  Well done. Thanks.

I have used SERVPRO for my personal water issue and have recommended them for 2 fire cleanups!

The young man in charge is well organized and very good at getting back to you.  The on-site crew, with Tanner in charge, is phenomenal.

They work hard and above all are very trustworthy.  I am comfortable leaving them in my house while I am gone!!

I highly recommend them for all your fire and water clean-up and restoration.  They do covid clean-up too!

Very professional & courteous.  We have had SERVPRO at 3 different locations in the past and are very satisfied with the results.  We will recommend you to others.

I have used SERVPRO twice now (once for a small pipe break and then again when my basement flooded) and both times THEY WERE GREAT. They are always professional and take great care of my home and all of my personal items. 

Wow!! Speedy and great to work with!!! I can't say enough good things about them!!!

Absolutely amazing. I couldn't be any more pleased. I cannot express to you all the gratitude I have for your people. Connie was marvelous! She was so helpful & answered my multitude of questions. I cannot say anything bad. I will definitely recommend your people to everyone I know! Thank you for a job well done.

Very impressed, timely service and did what you said you would do.  The "It Will Be Okay" words on your folder were very encouraging.

What a wonderful team! Thank you for the feedback and daily updates- it was so helpful. You are a great team to work with!! 

SERVPRO has been helpful since day one and I could not imagine working with anyone else. My bathrooms all turned out great and SERVPRO was there every step of the way and keeping me updated every single day. I had faith in them from the start but I was shocked by how much I loved the final outcome. Thank you SERVPRO. 


I just want to take this opportunity to give you all a deep heart felt THANK YOU!!! ...On Monday, May 9th, our church building suffered immense damage directly from a hail storm.  Some of those stones slammed all the way through our 2 yr old roof and allowed hundreds of gallons of water to flow into our auditorium and some class rooms.  ...Within 40 minutes, Kirk and crew were there equipped with smiles, a truck load of equipment and assurances that it would all be okay.  ...By Saturday, the new roof was on and completed.  By Sunday, we were able to worship in our building.  Almost as if nothing had happened. ...Again, I just want to express my deep, heartfelt gratitude for your great service.  I have frequently used SERVPRO here in Lincoln.  Just know, that without a doubt your services will always be my first "go to".  ...My prayer for you is for safe keeping and prosperity.  God Bless you all.

I was impressed by the well organized operation and the number of resources you had available. Having your crew onsite after our fire was a real encouragement. It was good just to see activity, progress and lights inside the building! Thank you!

They were very prompt and courteous.  The job was well done.  I am very happy with the outcome!

All of SERVPRO's hardwork was much appreciated and did not go unnoticed. I suggest them to anyone who needs help with fire or water. I recently had a small water problem and they were just as great then as they were a couple years ago when I had a fire. They really make a bad situation better. 

After two rain storms in less than a year, we couldn't be more appreciative of SERVPRO crews taking care of us. They are always here immediately and answer our questions and make sure we are well taken care of. 

This was the 2nd time we've used SERVPRO after a storm! Thank you, thank you thank you again for the great work!

So grateful. Everyone at SERVPRO was wonderful. The job was done well and quickly.

Very nice and knew what they were doing. You were great!!

Nice, clean, professional and courteous. Thank you for your assistance during this overwhelming time in our lives. Greatly appreciated

If I ever needed any similar work done again, I would definitely use SERVPRO again. I am 110% satisfied.

The manager Jok is kind and intellectual. He knows the business.

The team was very professional and came out fast.

These people are nothing short of AMAZING!!! Brooke is an Angel and puts up with me too much, Josh & Tanner were fantastic as they were the first to show up. My 3yr old son fell in love with Tanner and they were so good with him. RJ and E (sorry buddy don't know how to spell your name) were super as well. Our fridge decided to flood our floor a few days ago and they have been there for EVERYTHING including helping me deal with our insurance. THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for your help thus far!!

They were so fast!! And so friendly, we certainly appreciated their service! Thank you SERVPRO!


Always got work when you need it!

SERVPRO was at my house right away both times we needed them. Their staff are all professional and friendly. I hope I never need them again, but if I do, I won’t hesitate to call them. Thanks!

Shout out to my friend, Mark Egge, division lead for large loss at SERVPRO Lincoln.

What Makes Him stand apart Is his willingness to connect people. Even when there’s no profit for him.

IE. servant leader.

He also believes in leading his crew through his example.

He’s currently helping large business operations from New Orleans west to Beaumont TX If you know anyone who has suffered physical catastrophic damage in those areas ??

I found my basement full of water from sump pump failure. Not knowing who to call, I called a couple places and was given oh we are sorry can't help you today but when I called SERVPRO they got a crew to my house within 2 hours. They assessed the issue, put together a plan and immediately went to work to save my belongings. They stayed until they were satisfied nothing would be ruined then came back as many times as needed to get the job done.

The changes made in the last few years have made all the difference. These professional “first responders” are there when you need them, 24/7 to help you get back on your feet and/or back in business. I highly recommend them!

The people here at SERVPRO are wonderful. They do fantastic work and provide best in class service. Thank you for the great work you do and for providing awesome customer service!!

Such great people to work with and very Community oriented.  Glad to have them in our Community.

Great people to work with! Professional and get the job done right. 

An outside spigot had frozen over and water came into my crawlspace. SERVPRO came out right away. They were professional and very helpful. They made everything painless!!! Thank you!!

Great people to work with!!